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Red mud farming and more

Get introduced to red mud farming and Kylie, and also get updated about other relevant to redmud items.

Video: From early childhood to working in red mud

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KYLIE Parkhill is “one of the best mud farmers” at the red mud dam, according to her managers.

It’s a far cry from her previous career in early childhood, but she enjoys being in the scroller – one of two mud farming machines engineered by McCosker Contracting.

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Touch of colour in river not due to red mud dam breach

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FRIDAY and Saturday’s king tide and flooding led to concerns that a wall at the QAL red mud dam had been breached on Saturday morning.

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Rio Tinto admits red mud dam was unable to handle flood

OGO_21-11-2013_ROP_01_GLA040712VIEW385_fct1024x772_t620 RIO Tinto Alcan will be fined between $30,000 and $50,000 after admitting it did not have the capacity to cope with a big flood at its red mud dam at Yarwun last year.

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