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Working in the utilisation of Red Mud, we realised soon that:

  • Production of Red Mud is a global problem
  • Technologically and economically sound development of a process for Red Mud utilisation seems possible
  • The dissemination of results between different research teams, industries is not effective

The development of a web site that would be used as a reference point for discussions, presentation of scientific findings and ideas for technological solutions would be able to contribute on the utilisation of Red Mud.

We hope that this effort will lead to the development of a network of excellence among professionals that would promote and influence the implementation of “best applicable techniques” for Red Mud recycling. We target at bulk productive industries that by definition are more likely to absorb the massive production of Red Mud worldwide. Nevertheless, all uses of Red Mud that are potentially able to promote added value to the material will have to be considered.

The ultimate goal is to positively influence the industrial practice on the disposal and valorisation of Red Mud by demonstrating that environmental-friendly ways can be accomplished.