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Website launched of the Recover project

RECOVER is a Research Project of a Consortium of Universities, Research Institutes and Industries, which work on the upscaling of processes for the development of construction materials from metallurgical by-products. During the Project, modular and mobile upscaling units, incorporating all equipment necessary in standard containers, will be built and moved to various Industrial Sites to produce construction materials (e.g. thermal insulating building blocks, fire resistant tiles, cement-like binders etc.), on site. The generated products need to deliver properties similar to or better than traditional market substitutes and will be evaluated in terms of their properties. The Project will contribute to the level of customer readiness by demonstrating its feasibility to local construction companies and policymakers, thereby providing a nucleus for matchmaking towards industrial symbiosis. RECOVER’s goal is, also, to allow for the market uptake of the developed products within 3 years after the end of the project. After their use in the Project, the production units will be made available for services to a range of clients: for other upscaling projects and other waste streams, urban or industrial, for offering training to people active in the traditional construction industry, as well as for educating students and the wider society, by operating at remote or unindustrialized regions.


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